SCILAB Solar Computer Lab

Bring the power and opportunities that information and communication technologies–like computers–offer to developing communities of the world.

  The Solar3 project began as an IPRO led by Professor Laura Hosman. The idea behind the project was to develop a solar-powered laptop station that could be cost-effectively deployed in schools with no access to electricity around the world. They created a large box made of wood and metal that holds six Intel Classmate laptops and two solar panels; designed to lower costs, the box also transforms into a sturdy table to hold the laptops. The Solar3 project received significant funding from Google, the Pacific Telecommunications Council, and the Internet Society. The team has since traveled to Micronesia to deploy their first solar computer lab in a box. 

The team is now looking for students to help assemble the next few labs! They have multiple requests for the production of more labs, but they need more student help to write instruction manuals, assemble the hardware, and improve the equipment.

You can get your name on the project mailing list by signing up here.

You can read more about the initial deployments at the links below. 

For more information contact Amanda Rapacz,

Worm Compost

The objective of this project is to design and build a container for worm composting for UFarmIIT. UFarmIIT (IPRO 314) is an urban garden that is located on the IIT Greek Quad. Worm Composting (Vermicompost) is the process of composting using various worms, usually red wigglers.  


This project will be finished by the end of the semester. 


If you are interested in getting involved with this project just fill out this form!


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Spirulina is a blue-green algea "super-food" chock full of nutrients

 ESW is aming to engineer a sustainable small-scale setup for forming spirulina in large enough quantities that a small group (3-5 people) could supplement their diests with spirulina. The work involved in this project will be initial research about spirulina, learning to grow spirulina from a premade kit, and then developing our own farming system. 

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Evaluate the feasibility of solar powered WiFi solutions for emerging countries


  • Test system will be set up on campus at IIT. System includes the solar panel, battery, WiFi apparatus, and other equipment mounted on an existing light pole near Galvin Library. 
  • This station will provide outdoor WiFi to IIT students.
  • This project can use student help at all levels:
  • Students can collect data, test the WiFi strength, and observe student usage. 
  • The equiment has been purchased and work is underway!

For more information contact ESW @

IIT Community Garden

A community garden for IIT students.

The goal of the garden is two fold: It aims to be a community garden where students can own their own plot of land and grow what they want and it also become a weekly farm stand whose income can help support the project itself. ESW was the founder and a parent organization to the UFarmIIT group that manage the garden now. It has a collection of supporting organizations including ESW, an IPRO class, a landscape architecture professor and his students, as well as a board of student volunteers currently interested in forming an additional organization focused around the garden itself.

 Ways to be involved:

  • Join the IPRO
  • Join UFarmIIT
  • Get your own plot
  • Volunteer

For more information contact Alex Welk @

New Project: High School Out Reach

Teaching Students in the Chicagoland Area about Sustainability

This project is brand new, please attend the next upcomming general body meeting for more information.

For more information contact Kenneth Ruffatoo.